Trade Licence or Shop & Establishment or Gumasta License

Mandatory for Traders/Establishment doing business

  • For Shops, Restaurants,Storage of Goods, Salons etc.
  • Registering Authority is Municipal Corporation/Local Authority
  • Our Pricing Starts @ Rs 4720/- ( Plus Govt fee)

Shop and Establishment Registration at a glance

A ‘Shop and Establishment Registration’ or popularly known as ‘Trade license’ in many States and ‘Gumasta License’ in Maharashtra.

Shops and Commercial Establishments Act 1958 was enacted to regulate the working hours, weekly/monthly off, payment of wages, terms and condition of employment, holidays, leave etc. of persons employed in shops, commercial establishments.

Trade license issuing authority varies state to state, therefore Rules and Regulations of Trade license varies state to state as per State Shops and Establishment act or Some other specific Act to regulate Shops and Establishments within the state and its process and documentation also varies slightly.

Every employer shall within 30 days from the date on which the establishment commences its work shall file statement together with fees to the Chief Inspector of the area concerned. In some state period for Registering may differ state to state.

Municipal Corporation or Local Authority is the concern department in the state/Locality to issue Trade License.

What are the different categories of trade license under Shop and Establishment Act

Food establishment license

Hotels, Restaurants, Canteen, Food stall, Bakeries, the sale of vegetables and meat etc.

Industries license

Small and large scale manufacturing factories, cyber café etc.

Shop license

a Garment shop, Salon, Beauty Parlour, Medical Store, Dry Cleaner, SPA, Gift Shop, etc

Documents Requirement for

Our Service Coverage

After Company incorporation, you will receive below documents 

  • Company Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association & Article of Association (MOA & AOA)
  • PAN Card and TAN Allotment
  • EPF & ESI Registration
  • Digital Signatures (Class 2)
  • Directors Identification Number (DIN)
  • Assist in Bank A/c Opening
  • Professional Tax Registration (if required)
  • GST Registration (Optional)

What are the records to be maintained under the Shops and Establishment Act?

  1. Employee Register and Full Details
  2. Payroll Records - Salary Details, Deduction, leave, Overtime, Fines, Holidays, Advance salary
  3. All other details related to an Employee

Our Services Charges

For Delhi Registration

Under Delhi Shop & Establishment Act 1954 and Labour Department

Rs. 2999

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For Haryana Registration

Under Shop & Commercial Establishment Act and Labour Department

Rs. 3499

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For Maharastra Registration

Under Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act, 1948

Rs. 11800

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For West Bengal Registration

Under West Bengal Shops and Establishments Act, 1963 and Labour Department

Rs. 8260

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For Odisha and North East

Under the Act applicable to that state and Labour Department

Rs. 8260

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Our Service package inclusion for Shop & Establishment License issue


Our Expert give on call consultation to client first to make him clear about the process of registration with Labour Department and Documents requirement.

Application Preparation

Our Expert prepare your application and co-ordinate with you for all the relevant employee data, Business Details and documents requirement.

Application Filing

As soon as your documents and Business Details reach to us and your application is Completed in all respect, we start processing your Trade License Registration and submit to Labour Department Online and/or Physically wherever required.

Update Status

We intimate you updated status regularly.

Helps in Departmental Inspection

We guide you how to deal with Labour Inspector in the cases where Inspection is required by the Department.

Registration Certificate

On obtaining approval, trade license certificate is forwarded through courier or in-person.

Registration Process of Shop & Establishment or Trade License

  • Visit Labour Department Website Registration process is fully online Online in many states and in some state semi online. Every state has Labour Department Website and online Registration form available thereon with instructions.
  • Fill up Application Form Carefully fill up the online Application form with particulars of your business. Details varies as per state to state and Business nature.
  • Upload Documents

    Upload required Documents online after fill up the form. OR In some state Documents along with Printout of the application form need to submit physically.

  • Pay Fee Fee varies as per business type and License type. Payment option available online in many states otherwise can be payable offline by DD/cash.
  • Inspection Labour Department examine your application and if he think Inspection of your business premises required to verify the particulars you fill up and documents attached, an Inspector is appointed to carried out inspection. IN MOST OF THE CASES DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY INSPECTION.
  • Approval & Issue of License After Examination of your application and/or Inspection of business premises. Authority Approve your application and grant a License with validity ( normally valid for 1 year with renewal every year)

What is Shops & Establishments Act?

Shops And Establishment Act was enacted to regulate the working hours, weekly/monthly off, payment of wages, terms and condition of employment, holidays, leave etc. of persons employed in shops or any commercial establishments.

This Act is applicable nationwide to shops, commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, eating houses, theatres and other places of public amusement or entertainments.

Every state has his Own Shops And Establishment Act which is more or less same with other states and very less difference or any changes. For Example, in Delhi it is ‘ Delhi Shops And Establishment Act 1954’

What are the regulations under the Shop and Establishment Act?

This Act sets rules for working hours per day and week, guidelines for spread-over, rest interval, opening and closing hours, closed days, national and religious holidays, overtime work, rules for employment of children, young persons, and women, rules for annual leave, maternity leave, sickness and casual leave, rules for employment and termination of service, maintenance of registers and records and display of notices and obligations of employers as well as employees.

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It is important your Application is filed correctly and properly as per legal requirement. Our Experts are well experienced in this line to get your work done smoothly.

Yes. We do serve our clients PAN India from our Branch Offices and Associate Partners in Major Cities.

Normally within 7 days, subject to below provisions, The Registering Authority shall consider the application and may either grant registration or reject it with reasons to be recorded in writing or issue notice for inspection, within 7 days of receipt of an application for registration. In the event of an inspection being ordered, the registration shall be granted by the Registering Authority after being satisfied with the safety, hygiene and sanitary conditions of the premises within a period of 30 days.

Normally within 60 days, subject to below provisions, (1) A license shall, subject to the provisions of these Regulations, be issued by the concerned Licensing Authority within a period of 60 days from the date of issue of an application ID number as provided in point (3) below. (2) If, upon scrutiny of the application within 15 days from the date of receipt of the application, the concerned Licensing Authority requires any additional information with respect to an application or if the application is incomplete, the Licensing Authority shall inform the applicant in writing, to furnish such additional information or complete the application, as the case may be, within 30 days from such notice. In case the applicant fails to furnish the required information within the stipulated time of 30 days, the application for license shall stand rejected. (3) On the receipt of a complete application including the additional information if asked for, the Licensing Authority shall issue an Application ID number to each applicant that will be referred to in all future correspondence between the Licensing Authority and the applicant. (4) After the issue of Application ID number the Licensing Authority may direct the Food Safety Officer or any other person or agency specially designated for such functions to inspect the premises in the manner prescribed by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India in accordance with these Regulations. Such Inspecting Officer or person may issue a notice to the applicant, if it deems fit, guiding food business operator on necessary steps to be taken or changes or alteration to be made in the premises in order to ensure general sanitary and hygienic conditions as specified in Schedule 4. The applicant shall carry out the required steps, changes or alterations and intimate the Licensing Authority within 30 days or such period as may be allowed by the Licensing Authority. (5) Within a period of 30 days from receipt of an inspection report excluding the time taken by the applicant in complying with the advice, if any, given in the inspection report and verification thereof, the concerned Licensing Authority shall consider the application and may either grant license or reject the application. Provided that before refusing license an applicant shall be given an opportunity of being heard and the reasons for refusal shall be recorded in writing. (6) The Licensing Authority shall issue a License in Format C under Schedule 2 of these Regulations, a true copy of which shall be displayed at a prominent place at all times within the premises where the Food Business Operator carries on the food business.

(A) manufactures or sells any article of food himself or a petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor or temporary stall holder; or distributes foods including in any religious or social gathering except a caterer; or (B) such other food businesses including small scale or cottage or such other industries relating to food business or tiny food businesses with an annual turnover not exceeding Rs 12 lakhs and/or whose # production capacity of food (other than milk and milk products and meat and meat products) does not exceed 100 kg/ltr per day or # procurement or handling and collection of milk is up to 500 litres of milk per day or # slaughtering capacity is 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds per day or less

Registration or license can be taken for 1 to 5 year at your choice

Govt. Fees applicable on yearly basis. Example, if Govt fee is Rs 7500 yearly and you applied for 5 years validity, your total Govt fee would be Rs 37,500/- and payable at the time of application submission.

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