RWA or Buyers Welfare Association Registration

Register an Association of Person (AOP) with Jusrisdictional Registrar Office

  • Residents Welfare Association (RWA)
  • Buyers Welfare Association
  • Apartment Owners Association ( As per States' Apartment Act)
  • Any Welfare AOP under Society Registration Act 1860

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RWA or Buyers Association at a glance

Resident Welfare Association (RWA) is a civic body that represents interests of the residents living within the society or in specific locality .

RWA can be legally formed by group of Resident Owners. Basic requirement for registration slightly varies state to state.

With Minimum 7 Members within the state can apply for RWA registration with Jurisdictional Registrar Office. In many states Builder Apartment or Group housing society covered under state Apartment Act and therein Apartment Owners Association (AOA) can be formed. And in other cases RWA can be formed. For Example Noida Sector 34 Block C resident can form RWA as they are not in Group housing society and not covered by UP Apartment Act.

Buyer Welfare Association is an Association of Person formed by minimum 7 members with Jurisdictional Registrar Office under Society Registration Act 1860. Basically it it formed by buyers when they does not get possession of flat or pending for registration or Building Completion Certificate not received. To fight against builder this AOP works well.

A Welfare Association under Soceity Registration Act 1860, can be formed at a) State Level with 7 members from same state or b) Central Level with 7 members from each states.

Benefits of RWA or Buyers Association

Representation at Consumer Forums

a Buyers Association can approach to consumer court easily on behalf of its members. Cumulative value of the case when filed by an association can easily exceed one crore and case can directly be filed in NCDRC.

Legal Recognitions

In most of the cases Builders or any authority do not entertain buyers seriously unless registered buyers association approach. Perception is, group of buyers form easily with eager and lateron dissolve quickly or split-off in different group with different objects and opinion among themselves.
A legally recognised and registered association gives an impression of seriousness of buyers involved. A legally recognised group can present the grievances of home buyers group at various forums.

Establish Creditability

When a group of buyer form an association and get it registered with registrar office, its office bearers are also bound to work under the scope and bye of the association. This establishes credibility and security to those wanting to join the association as a member.

Bank Operation

A registered Buyer Association or RWA can open a open account and deposit all collection of membership fees, Other income and pay expenses therefrom. This brings transparency in collection of funds and expenses.

Safeguard against leader or Individual Buyer

In our busy life, every do not have enough time and energy to consistently work in the movement for the benefits of group members. Stay on front of the movement is risky job. Builders generally target front leaders in the movement. Fighting by a Buyers Association safeguard the leader or any individual buyer to become a target of the builder.

Avoid defamation cases on Individual

In many instances builders files defamation cases against individuals. A registered Buyer Association can always stand up against such tactics by builders and back those who are targeted by builders.

Maintenance Handover to RWA

Builder handover the Maintenance to RWA once it is form

Better take care of society

Once RWA form, Body members and its official take over the responsibility to manage society maintenance, security, Water, electricity issues and work for the welfare and improvement of the society.

Documents Requirement for

Our Service Coverage

After Company incorporation, you will receive below documents 

  • Company Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association & Article of Association (MOA & AOA)
  • PAN Card and TAN Allotment
  • EPF & ESI Registration
  • Digital Signatures (Class 2)
  • Directors Identification Number (DIN)
  • Assist in Bank A/c Opening
  • Professional Tax Registration (if required)
  • GST Registration (Optional)

Our Services Charges

Buyers Welfare Association

Registration at Delhi & NCR

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Residents Welfare Association

Registration at Delhi

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Residents Welfare Association

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Our Service Package Inclusion in RWA / Buyers Association Registration


First, Get Consultation from our Consultant to know the eligibility requirements, documents and process of registration.

Collection of Documents

Once you finalise, our first step is to collect all the relevant documents from you.

Drafting Memorandum & Bye-Laws

Next step, we draft your Memorandum & Bye-Laws as per the governing Law along with affidavit and power of attorney. And send you for getting these signed from Body Members.

Application Filing

Once all documents and formalities are completed, finally we submit the application with Jurisdictional Registrar or Sub-Registrar Office.


We do followup with Authority to know the present updated status and accordingly inform the client.

Registration Certificate

Once the department examine and approve your application, your Registration Certificate is Issued. The whole process takes approx 30-90 days ( varies state to state as per their working process)

RWA/Buyers Association Registration Process in India

Prepare Documents
Prepare all the required documents as per guidelines of State Society Registration Act, State Apartment Act or Society Registration Act 1860 as the case applicable in your state along with guidelines issued by Registrar. Decide the name of the Name of RWA/Buyers Association.
Draft Bye-Laws
Prepare a Bye-Laws as per Model Bye-Laws as prescribed in the Applicable Act in the state of registration. Here professional's help is required.
File Application with Documents
File application along with required documents and Bye-Laws with jurisdictional Registrar. Filing process is Party Online in few states, other wise the whole process is offline and need to visit Registrar Office.
Pay fee
Make the payment of Govt. fees by Online/Cash/any other mode as the Registering authority accepts.
Registration Certificate
Once the name and Bye-Laws approved, the Registrar, issues Registration Certificate. This complete process takes atleast 25 to 90 days by the Registrar in normal course.
REJECTION:- The office may also reject your application if they find any errors. CALL FOR FURTHER INFORMATION :- In exceptional case, Officer may sought any information from you based on online application you filed (intimated in Form GST REG-03). In that case, you may need to visit the department and clarify or produce the documents within 7 working days in Form GST REG-04

How We Proceed

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  • EMI facility available on online payment above Rs. 5000/-
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It is important your Application is filed correctly and properly as per legal requirement. Our Experts are well experienced in this line to get your work done smoothly.

Yes. We do serve our clients PAN India from our Branch Offices and Associate Consultants in Major Cities.

Minimum 7 members required as per Society Registration Act 1860. In case Apartment Owners Act applies on your society, this minimum number may vary as per the said Act ( Example as per UP Apartment Act minimum number is 4 )

There is no upper cap as per Society Registration Act 1860. In case Apartment Owners Act applies on your society, upper cap is prescribed in some state.

STATE LEVEL REGISTRATION:- Any 7 or more members can form Buyers Welfare Association in any state provided minimum 7 Governing Body Members should be from the state wherein Association is intended to form. In this present case, either to form at Delhi or Noida (UP) or any other state wherein 7 Governing Body Members can provide their valid address proof. CENTRAL LEVEL REGISTRATION:- in this case, minimum 7 Governing Body Members must be from different state.

The memorandum is the charter of the society. It contain the: # Name of the Society # The objects of the Society # The names, addresses and occupation of the members of the governing body # The place of the registered office of the Society The memorandum also contains the names, addresses and full signatures of the seven and more persons subscribing their name to the memorandum of association.

Bye-Laws is the rules and regulations of the RWA or Buyer Association serve as a guide to the members of the governing body or the persons entrusted with management of the Association or Society to regulate the functions of the society and for its internal management. These rules and regulations help in achieving the objects of the society and are binding on its members.

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